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Digital Payment

What is SecurelyMe

SecurelyMe is an online payment solution that gives consumers the option to pay with digital cash to avoid credit card fees. It's a better way to pay because the merchants you frequent never touch your bank or credit card data. Fewer touches mean fewer security risks. Access is all controlled by you via an online web application. You don't even have to download anything to your phone.

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How It Works

Your receipt and all interactions with the merchant are kept in your account on SecurelyMe for easy file keeping. Your personal information remains secure, in part, thanks to our partnership with Plaid.


What We Mean When We Say "Powered by Securely"

SecurelyMe is the consumer side of Securely. To keep your data secure and digital payments moving smoothly, we also work with merchants and merchant processing providers. Some of those companies may choose to white label our platform. In that case, there will be an indication that the processing is powered by Securely. From a consumer perspective, you can rest assured the security level remains the same, because you'll know it's the same platform.

To learn more about Securely as a whole, visit our corporate site.

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Consolidated Security

  • Toggle payment permission on or off
  • Securely merchants never have access to your data
  • Two-factor authentication
  • A new way to pay by credit card
  • A proud Plaid partner
  • Secure and compliant solution